2008-01-25 11:34:22 by bert705

Well, I said I was going to flash, and I did, to some extent. It just wasn't very good.
This'll happen occasionally, I just need to take a break is all.

I'll come back to flash in a little bit.

Also on a lighter note, Jon, that bastard, managed to get frontpage with his newest animation 'Confinement+', so kudos to him.

Watch it here -


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2008-02-11 15:12:48

that looks almost identical to those two animations he did with wu in them. he really likes that idea, doesen't he?


2008-02-15 17:20:45

You and jon are like brothers, hes the older one that bullies you :c


2008-04-13 19:45:23

LOL "that bastard" XD I sense jealousy. lol anyway nice pivots.


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