Entry #1

Uh, yeah.

2008-01-14 10:00:54 by bert705

Well it turns out that I made this account 4 years ago, and it's still in effect.

I'm starting to flash more than I did back then now, so I decided to revive my old account.

Seriously, there's gonna be a huge list of links to profiles that I have. Like DD, Droidz, Deviantart, YouTube, here, all cataloguing a different aspect of my creative productions.

I'll put them all on my site though when I actually fill them up somewhat.

So then, let the flashing begin!


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2008-01-14 10:04:05

let the flashing begin?
read that sentence tell me what it sounds like to you <.<

bert705 responds:

Yes, thats what I was referring to... you didn't think I was *actually* going to animate, did you?



2008-01-14 12:57:10

okay.. then what IS the plotline of madness 7? tell me the whole story. im a moron

bert705 responds:

hank kills, pisses off clown, clown kills hank repeatedly and revives him as a torture each time, hank wants to die to find bliss in death, but the clown is a bastard, jesus kills clown and hank, proceeds to MC8 which is not out yet LOL.



2008-01-14 18:55:16

you should really submit some of your stuff here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/6 06606/1

its a pivot thread...... and, well, frankly, we're in need of some good pivoteers like youself......

(Updated ) bert705 responds:

ahaha, thatsa burn, considering I was thinking about moving on to flash entirely...

NG doesn't seem to be pivot-friendly...


2008-01-14 20:35:51

ah.. nvm. lol, at least your moveing on to a better program, huh? =P


2008-01-15 16:38:27

are you really THE bert omgomgomg?

bert705 responds:

yes, i am. omgomgomgomg straight from the darkdemonz